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So this… kinda explains my headcanon for why Aggie’s back for this blog. :’O I would have made it even LONGER because as is it is a little rushed but this is finals week and I’m working on a whole bunch of original projects that need my attention over fanstuff.

Ok, ok random important stuff:

  • In this headcanon the afterlife = a ‘perfect’ version of the world you came from, inhabited by people you knew mostly, except people aren’t douchebags and you get to meet each person for what they fundamentally are. 
  • The butterflies are ghosts that have moved on inhabiting other afterlives, that have touched upon the other worlds. IE: Native American ghosts might appear as butterflies in the Blithe Hollow Puritan afterlife if they had not moved on by the time the Puritans were around.
  • The mirror allows for ghosts to look after loved ones, both living and dead. It would have been through this mirror that Aggie’s mother watched over her daughter and waited for someone to help Agatha move on. It is also a portal should a ghost need to go back. Most don’t because the afterlife is, well, heaven.

I think that’s about it…