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As the comic suggested, this blog is officially complete!

I am starting school at CalArts in a couple of weeks and will no longer have the time to run it. However, if you liked this blog, you can check out my webcomic, myside/fanart blog where I will continue to post ParaNorman doodles periodically, and of course my main art blog!

I will leave ask blog up in case you ever get the ask-norgatha munchies, and have added a convenient link on the side bar to the deep, dark beginning of the blog if you would like to browse through the whole thing! 

Thanks for making this such a fun adventure, everyone! I love all of you and hope we all continue to bond over paranormal cuties in the future!

-the final post of your friendly neighborhood ask-norgatha mun, Kiki.

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Happy birthday, boss :,D
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Jay said it was your birthday?? SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIKI
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Didn’t really find any asks that struck my fancy, but I thought I’d draw a little something for you all anyway. o: 
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Is there like a fandom of Norman, Aggie, Coraline, Mabel, and Dipper being friends? Or is it something you came up with? Cause it sounds really cute and I want to see if there's more:)

You’re looking for the Mystery Kids fandom, friend! 

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